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NEXA Broker Thomas Mancuso Grows His Team to 5 With Home Point's Help

Aug 04, 2020 | General, Broker

Most brokers are still experiencing record volume with the refi boom and record low interest rates. Even so, NEXA Mortgage knows aiming for long-term growth requires a different mindset.  

As the second largest mortgage broker in the U.S., NEXA’s numbers speak for themselves --more than 700 loan officers operating in 45 states. Since the company is only three years old, they want to protect their incredible growth and customer base by doubling down on the customer experience and support for new brokers. 

Taking Care of the Customer 

NEXA wants to be known for taking care of their customers and supporting their growing team with the tools they need. Finding a wholesale lender who could be a teammate in this effort was key.  

Working with Home Point, NEXA broker Thomas Mancuso found the support he needed. As a new broker, he was looking for a partner to provide guidance and training, proactively help him solve problems, and advise on files in real time. He also needed a teammate who could help take care of his customers. 

It started with his Home Point Account Executive, who provided advice on loan scenarioswas his go-to resource for important guideline questions, and helped him each step of the loan processNow, Mancuso is originating in six states and has five loan officers on his team.  

"At the end of the day, it comes down to taking care of the customer and taking care of the broker. It just seems like you have a teammate [with Home Point]. We're a team, and teams win together when we work together." -- Thomas Mancuso, NEXA Mortgage 

Working Smarter, Not Harder 

Home Point retains 99% of the loans it services, so NEXA can tell customers this will be their lender for the life of the loan -- it won’t be sold off as soon as it closes.  

As Mancuso is building his customer base, he says Home Point’s Customer for Life initiative helps him work smarter, not harder. Since Home Point does the heavy lifting on customer retention, he’s not having to constantly protect his customers from other lenders, and his team can spend their energy earning new business.  

The whole point behind Customer for Life iswe've got your back. Go get new business. Grow your business, better yourself, help more customers. We got these customers for you. Go help more people.  -- Thomas Mancuso, NEXA Mortgage 

Mancuso also credits the larger brokerage community for elevating the wholesale brokerage experience todayIt takes a winning combination of brokers and wholesale lenders to deliver pricing and experience to customers, and as this part of the industry grows, it helps all brokers. 

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