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How Brendan McKay Achieved $79 million in Loan Production Last Year with 5-person Team

Aug 26, 2020 | Broker, General

“We have the force of a huge, productive machine like Home Point behind us. They’re with us every step of the way.” -- Brendan McKay, McKay Mortgage 

Brendan McKay, owner and senior loan officer of McKay Mortgage, has worked with Home Point since day one of his brokerage. In just over three years, he has scaled his business, achieving an impressive $79 million in loan production in 2019 – with a five-person team.  

McKay knows price is what often gets new borrowers in the door. In fact, aggressive price and choice is one reason the broker channel continues to grow mortgage lending market share. But he says it’s the experience that keeps his customers coming back. 

Double down on customer retention 

McKay’s goal from the beginning was to scale his business with his existing teamTo do that, he doubled down on customer retention. 

Hdoesn’t want to spin his wheels earning new transactions over and over. Instead, he focuses on delivering a positive customer experience where he will earn repeat business and win over the long-termThat means ensuring each transaction closes on time, communicating with borrowers about the status of their loanand being transparent with his referral partners about the process.  

McKay believes in playing the long game -- he says he would rather make less money and deliver a consistent experience than go chasing every transaction. 

And it’s paying off. McKay was named the #2 Mortgage Broker in Maryland and the #66 Mortgage Broker in the U.S. by the 2019 Scotsman Guide Top Originator Rankings, placing him among the top .5% of all mortgage originators in the country. 

Experienced account team support 

McKay says finding a strong wholesale lender partner with experienced account teams gives him a powerful edge on the competition. It enables the consistent customer experience he needs to scale his brokerage. 

McKay is on a first-name basis with his entire Home Point account team. He says their support goes way beyond the basics or what is customary in the industryHleans on his Account Executive for help with complex issues and problem-solving expertisehelping grow his business in record time.  

McKay explains how positive customer experience enables growth.

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