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Dedicated Lock Desk Team for Delegated Correspondents

Aug 10, 2020 | Correspondent

In a market that moves this fast, we know Delegated Correspondents need reliable service. That’s why we centralized all lock maintenance requests into one new, simplified process that will eliminate delays and provide dedicated correspondent support. 

The dedicated Lock Desk Team for Delegated Correspondents is available Monday -  Friday from 8am – 8pm ET to assist with all lock maintenance requests, including:  

  • Loan parameter updates (loan amount, FICO, escrow waivers, rate changes, etc.)  
  • Lock Extensions 
  • Re-Locks  
  • Float down renegotiations  

How to submit a lock maintenance request 

To ensure requests are routed to the correct team, send all lock maintenance requests to:  

Include the following in the subject line: 

  • Full Home Point loan number 
  • Borrower last name 
  • Keyword reason for request: Extension, Float-down, Change, Quote, Cancel, Relock, or Lock Confirm 

Other requests 

Please continue to contact your Client Advocate for updates that do not impact pricing, including: 

  • Address Changes  
  • Funding Fee updates  
  • Lock Confirmations unavailable in The Point 

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